Klinker for external places in Sassuolo


The best Sassuolo klinker for outdoor spaces is available only at Barigazzi Ceramiche. If you have a wide balcony, a terrace or an external space, the klinker flooring is the solution for you. In fact, this material is very solid, ideal for high and low temperatures and it is available in small and big formats. Moreover, the klinker is not used only as a flooring, but also as external covering of some houses and pools. 

At Barigazzi Ceramiche you will find a staff able to give you whatever information on any type of product. Indeed, the staff is highly specialised and skilled and it makes available to its customers the laying, the assistance on the work site, free estimates and consulting and everything you need to satisfy your demanding. There aren’t oonly outdoor floorings, because in the shop you will find any types of tile that are able to give your house a unique and inimitable style and touch of class. The best klinker for outdoor spaces of Sassuolo and the best floorings can be found only at Barigazzi Ceramiche. The business is located in Sassuolo, in the province of Modena, in Piazza Risorgimento, 12.

If you would like more information about the type of flooring available, materials, equipment, services, costs or any other type of request you can send an email to: barigazzi.p@barigazziceramiche.it or call: +39 0536883288 or +39 3316893765.