Mosaic in Sassuolo


The best mosaic tiles in Sassuolo are only available at Bagazzi Potteries. In the shop you will find a lot of tiles types ideal to improve the quality of your bath, kitchen or any other room. In fact, the company makes available to their customers mosaics of any material such as pottery, marble, granite, stone and glass of the best brands. The quantity of flooring and tiles made available and the product quality have allowed Barigazzi Ceramiche to extend and become a real point of reference on the whole territory. The mosaic tiles of Barigazzi Ceramiche, for example, are produced by the best brand of the sector: Bisazza, Casamood, Ceramica di Treviso, Francesco De Maio, Marazzi Ceramiche, Mipa, Rex Ceramiche Artistiche and Sacis. 

The different production materials and the particularity of the various models allow the mosaic arrangement of tiles in any room of your house and they allow the changement of the room aesthetic to give it a unique touch. At Barigazzi Ceramiche there are tiles of any shape and size available to satisfy any type of need. If you are thinking about arrange a mosaic flooring, re cover the bath walls, a kitchen or another rooms, then Barigazzi Ceramiche is the right place for you. Inside you will find the best mosaic of Sassuolo at really competitive prices and the best brand on the market. Non only are there mosaics because the company also sells pottery tiles, stoneware and glass ideal for baths, outdoor kitchens and any type of indoor room. The company is located in Sassuolo, in the province of Modena, in Piazza Risorgimento, 12.

If you would like more information about the type of flooring available, materials, equipment, services, costs or any other type of request you can send an email to: or call: +39 0536883288 or +39 3316893765.