Natural stone in Sassuolo


At Barigazzi Ceramiche, you can find the best flooring in natural stone of Sassuolo that it is also trustworthy, long-lasting and sold at competitive prices. At the shop there are flooring in natural stones of three important brands such as Artesia, La Fornasa e Studio Biemme Due. The collection of the brand Artesia is very wide and it is the ideal solution for outdoor or indoor spaces. The range includes 34 stones, 100% natural stones, hailing from all over the world and not treated in laboratory with any type of varnish or colourant. The floorings and the coverings branded Artesia are very safe, solid and they don’t allow the development of bacteria and mould. 

The other bug brand in Barigazzi Ceramiche is La Fronasa. Also in this case the material is natural and it contributes in giving a touch of class to your house. The company doesn’t produce only floorings, but it makes available to its customers also walls, tiles, mosaics and many other 100% natural products that are able to adapt perfectly any type of environment. Not only are there floorings and coverings branded Artesia and La Fronasa, but also Studio Biemme Due and many others. Any type of product that is available in the shop, are high-quality products produced only by the best brand on the market. At Barigazzi Ceramiche you won’t find only the best floorings in natural stones of Sassuolo, but also any other type and material such as terracotta, parquet, mosaic, granite, reconstructed stones, leather stones, venetian sown, melamine wood and a lot of other materials. The company is located in Sassuolo, in the province of Modena, in Piazza Risorgimento, 12.

If you would like more information about the type of flooring available, materials, equipment, services, costs or any other type of request you can send an email to: or call: +39 0536883288 o +39 3316893765.