Terracotta floorings in Sassuolo


If you are in search of terracotta floorings in Sassuolo for inside or outside parts your house, you are in the right place. At Barigazzi Ceramiche company you will find the best floorings of the most prestigious brands such as: Francesco De Maio and Il Palagio. Each collection is unique and inimitable and it is able to give your house the desired style. Moreover, in our shop you will find different terracotta flooring models such as the classic one, the handcrafted one, the hand-painted one, the decorated one and many others in different shapes and colours. In fact, the businessmakes available to its customer floorings and rectangular, squared or brick-like tiles ideal for external places such as the poolside pavements or others. Not only are there floorings but also will you find coverings and tiles for indoor rooms of any shape, wide and colour and they are suitable for any room of your house. 

At Barigazzi Ceramiche shop you won’t find only terracotta floorings and coverings for the inside or outside of your house, but also many other types of tiles and an expert and qualified staff. If you would like to have the laying done of a new flooring, but you are not sure about which one to choose, don’t worry because the staff of Barigazzi Ceramiche will be able to give you advices on which one better suits your house, yours style and your budget. The best terracotta floorings in Sassuolo of the best brands and at competitive prices can be found only at Barigazzi Ceramiche. The company is located in Sassuolo, in province of Modena, in Piazza Risorgimento, 12.

If you would like more information about the type of flooring available, materials, equipment, services, costs or any other type of request you can send an email to: barigazzi.p@barigazziceramiche.it or call: +39 0536883288 or +39 3316893765.