Wood flooring in Sassuolo


If you love the parquet and you are thinking about installing this type of flooring in your house, Barigazzi Ceramiche is the company for you. In the company there are the best parquets of Sassuolo at convenient prices. Inside the building, there are the floorings branded Gazzotti. These are different types and they are able to satisfy any type of need. Among them there are the lines:

  • Smile: line characterised by current finishings, modern colourings and versatile sizes. This model is resistant to superficial scratches and it is available in different colourings brighter or darker.
  • Fashion: this line has shiny, cool and metallic finishings and it is treated with a particular brushing that gives a more elegant aesthetic to the place in which it is put.
  • Vintage: the Vintage line is represented by a natural parquet that offers laying solutions customised thanks to the different proportions of the short and the long side.
  • My Vintage: the My Vintage parquet line is a collection very similar to the Vintage classic line, but it offers a bigger customisation and different chromatic combinations.
  • Life: the Life parquet line is treated with a hand planning and it is characterised by the presence of irregularities and fissures.
  • Trebbo:the Trebbo parquet has an ecological finishing that underlines the different tonalities of the wood and it give value to them.
  • Extraresistent:the Extraresistent parquet line composed by an hygienical finishing that allows the removal of a 99,9% of the bacteria.
  • Transit:the line is composed by a laminated flooring characterised by natural finishings. This parquet adapts to any domestic or commercial building.

If you would like more information about the type of flooring available, materials, equipment, services, costs or any other type of request you can send an email to:: barigazzi.p@barigazziceramiche.it or call: +39 0536883288 or +39 3316893765.